Great Gardening Products to Assist You Outdoors


It’s the time of year to start preparing your garden and planning what to plant ready for the summer months, if like many others you love gardening but would like to find ways to make lighter work of some of the more tiresome aspects why not take a look at the specially selected range of products ideal for assisting you in the garden available at The Home and Gift Shop?  With a wealth of ideas on offer such as drain covers, folding seating, lighting and even an instant rockery among many others you can be sure to find plenty of gadgets that are certain to take the hard work out of gardening chores.

No matter what type of garden you may have if you are looking for items that provide solutions to any aspects of outdoor living you may have The Home and Gift Company are likely to have the ideal gardening solution for you. With ideas such as mini secateurs, kneeling pads and snow grippers you can be sure that you will be able to carry out any gardening task in comfort and complete safety and with products such as the novelty robin watering can and gardening hand care set you will also find ways to spoilt any gardener you know, or perhaps even yourself!

With a simple and easy ordering process, high quality products and a straight forward returns policy you can be certain that whatever outdoor living item or any other product that you buy you will be completely satisfied with the service you receive, with excellent customer reviews and a fabulous range of products that are great value for money it’s easy to see why so many people choose to shop with The Home and Gift Shop.   So if you want to find some ways to improve your garden, make jobs easier and more comfortable or are looking for a gift, why get some inspiration and take a look at some of the great products for the garden they have on offer today?

The Home and Gift Shop has been selling gifts and home essentials for the home and garden across the United Kingdom for over 15 years. All our products can be shipped anywhere in the UK and come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Try us today and see how why so many of our customers have come back to us over the years! To learn more about how our wide selection of gifts for the home and garden call us on 0330 024 1946 or visit the Home and Gift Shop website today.

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Attractive Selection of Ceramic Homewares and Home Decor


If you are looking for a way to add the perfect finishing touch to a room or for the ideal gift for someone that appreciates beautiful things, why not take a look at the attractive selection of ceramic homewares from the makers Portmeirion and Spode available at The Home and Gift Shop?  With many inspiring homeware solutions on offer you are certain to find something that is absolutely perfect.

Adding a usable ceramic item to a room is an excellent way to add a beautiful piece that complements your decor that is also functional, helping you to prevent your room from becoming too cluttered. At The Home and Gift shop they have some lovely items including a ceramic clock with a wonderfully painted poppy design and a selection of ceramic vases that are sure to be a welcome addition to almost any room within the home.

There are also many other items of ceramic home decor available at the Home and Gift company, all created with a unique and beautiful design that is sure to appeal to almost any tastes, and with all items being produced to the highest possible quality by designers such as Portmeirion and Spode you can be sure that whatever you made chose it will be made to the best possible standard and stay looking great for years to come.

So whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else if you are looking for unique and high quality items of classic ceramic home decor it’s definitely worth taking a look at the excellent items produced by Portmeirion and Spode available at The Home and Gift shop. With a quick and easy ordering process, free returns and a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely happy with any item along with a great choice of top quality products it’s easy to see why The Home and Gift Company has so many satisfied customers.

The Home and Gift Shop has specialised in living room essentials and inspiring homeware solutions for over 15 years. Our beautiful range of ceramic, home décor, ceramic clocks and vases will provide the perfect complement to any home décor and are a great option for those looking to revitalise their home.  For more information, call us today on 0844 5731656 or visit the Home and Gift Shop website today.

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Quality duvets, bedspreads, sheet and blankets at The Home and Gift Shop


The Home and Gift Shop provides you with a range of fitted bedspreads and sheets to help provide extra comfort when you sleep. Of all the styles we have on offer, we are most proud about our candlewick and flannelette bedding. Being hard to find, you can be sure that you will be getting your hands on a rarity, and a quality one at that. Our candlewick bedspreads are made from the softest pure cotton with fringe edge, and the flannelette bedding is thermal brushed and available in a variety of pastel shades.

Our cosy wool and cotton blankets make for a great investment, as they will be keeping you exceptionally warm for years to come. Made from the finest pure wool here in England, these satin bound blankets could be what changes how you relax. Not forgetting the lightweight 100% cotton blankets, for those who prefer to have a lighter experience.

Everyone can appreciate a quality duvet or blanket for when they relax. Here at The Home and Gift Shop we are able to offer many different varieties to ensure everyone gets the one they need for a relaxed and supreme experience.

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Great Gift Ideas for this Christmas


If you are looking for great gift ideas to treat your family this Christmas its definitely worth taking a look at the great range of products available at the Home and Gift shop. No matter what you are looking for with so many great gift ideas for the home and family you are bound to find something perfect for everyone, even the dog.

Don’t forget to check out their great selection of high quality ladies gifts where you are sure to find the ideal present for any lady in your life, with a great choice of clothes, accessories and footwear, and with great customer service, easy ordering process and a straight forward returns policy shopping with the Home and Gift shop is a simple and stress free shopping experience.

As it is both practical and attractive, a new bag is a great gift for any woman and is certain to be well received, at the Home and Gift shop they have an excellent range of elegant ladies leather bags that would make the ideal present this Christmas.   With a wide variety of classic designs to choose from, all made to the highest quality you can be sure to find a beautiful bag that will suit any woman’s tastes and style and be sure to last them for many Christmases to come!

Slippers are a classic Christmas gift that are usually on everybody’s list and with a brilliant selection of ladies slippers available at the Home and Gift shop you won’t be disappointed, with so many different styles to choose from including moccasins, boots and slip-ons and with sizes ranging from three to eight you are guaranteed to find the perfect slippers to suit any lady. All slippers the slippers within the range made from the highest quality materials such as sheepskin and lambswool so you can be sure that they will keep feet toasty and warm all winter.

Something attractive for the home is also a really good choice, especially if you are buying for a couple. With many classic and high quality items for the home available you will find many great gift ideas for friends and family alike, whether you would like to get items for the kitchen, sitting room or elsewhere in the house you are sure to find something perfect for everyone.  Don’t forget to add some festive cheer to your table and add your Christmas table runner set to your order as well!

So if you are looking for a ladies gifts including ladies bag, slippers or something else, if you are looking for an extra special gift to show someone how much you care head over to the Home and Gift shop for some great Christmas ideas and inspiration.  With some many unique gifts for men, ladies, the home and pets there is everything you may need to make this Christmas one to remember.

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Fine quality cotton towels and bathroom mats in a range of colours


Give your bathroom a stylish makeover with our range of bathroom accessories at The Home and Gift Shop. Including towels, bathroom mats and non slip shower mats, we have quality accessories for your bathroom.

Our bath mats and towels are designed to give you a luxurious feel, offering a wide choice of colours to suit your current décor. Super absorbent, soft, & cosy, these will give you and your guests a very pleasant experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Offering ultimate safety, our range of non-slip mats not only includes a bath mat but also a pairing shower mat. Once you have experienced our mats you will feel a very secure, hygienic mat beneath your feet and you’ll never want to change. Our bath and shower mats are also machine washable.

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Forever in flower – beautiful floral arrangements


Beautiful Silk Flower Arrangements for Your Home

Nothing brightens or freshens up one’s home or office like flowers. Fresh flowers are a great way to bring the outdoors indoors and to impart delightful combinations of fragrance and colour. All across the UK this year, spring and summer once again provided us with an abundance of blooms ripe for the cutting.

Unfortunately, very few plants grown outdoors bloom for more than a short period each season, and fresh-cut flowers from the florist can be expensive. For many who need flowers to liven up their home or office space and even to help combat symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, a convenient solution is to have silk flower arrangements which brighten up the space all through the year. Silk flowers can also serve as attractive accent pieces on hallway tables, bookshelves or other spaces where live plants or fresh-cut flowers might not seem feasible.

In recent years, silk flowers have become more realistic than ever, making them an entirely suitable and maintenance-free alternative to fresh-cut flowers for your home décor. Some of the more creative silk flower arrangements include likenesses of different flowers or of the same type of flower in different stages of blooming. Consider mixing and matching different colours and varieties. The possibilities for brightening up your home are truly endless.

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Inspiring homeware solutions designed to assist you in the home



The Home and Gift shop offers a range of home solutions to help assist you in your home. Not only are they practical but stylish too and all available at affordable prices. Our range of products for the home is extensive, offering not only traditional home essentials but also innovative home solutions and accessories that make the perfect gift.

With furniture protectors, non slip mats, electric blankets and supportive cushions, the range available is extensive and functional. Shop the product range here

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Classic kitchen co-ordinates for your home made in the UK


The Home and Gift Shop has offered classic kitchen co-ordinates for your home and other home solutions, made in the UK, for over 15 years. From attractive and useful kitchen tools to luxury bath towel sets, the Home and Gift Shop has everything you need to enliven your living space while making it as comfortable to live in as possible

From table cloths, cushions, storage jars and trays, we can add a splash of colour to your kitchen. Our eye catching designs and prints from William Morris can refresh your kitchen and dining space.

The kitchen is a favourite space in the home in which to bring nature indoors, from fresh-cut flowers at the dining room table to potted orchids in the kitchen window. Many people also enjoy decorating the kitchen with plant- and floral-themed window dressings and objects in the kitchen and using natural colours such as green, purple and shades of tan or light brown, thus recalling pretty spring foliage and sturdy trees.

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Freshen up your Living Room with a new look this Spring


The Home and Gift Shop has specialised in living room essentialsand other home solutions for over 15 years. Our beautiful floral- and nature-themed home decorations and will provide the perfect complement to any home décor emphasising natural colours and are a great option for those who wish to bring the outside indoors.

Soft furnishings are a quick and affordable way to freshen your living room. We have a big choice for you with our range of soft furnishings, rugs, throws, furniture protection and living room essentials. We offer patterned and plain designs to suit your style. Soft furnishings allow you to quickly update your house to welcome in a new season. Our furniture protectors are not only stylish and practical, but provide comfort too.

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Celebrating Christmas with Meaningful, Useful Gifts

With the joy of the Christmas season being swallowed up more and more each year by crass commercialism, it can be truly frustrating to have the senses repeatedly assaulted by Christmas shopping and sales adverts on television, radio and the Internet. Having a long list of gift recipients doesn’t help! What to do if you don’t believe in overspending on Christmas gifts but want to give meaningful yet practical gifts to your friends and loved ones?

For those who truly wish to keep the focus of the Christmas season on Christmas itself and on time spent with family and friends, a number of options are available which make gift shopping easier and more meaningful. Online retailers specialising in housewares, clothing and other necessities for the home and garden tend to have inexpensive items which make excellent Christmas gifts.

For the home cooking enthusiast in your life, any number of kitchen gadgets will make life easier for the recipient without causing you to go over your Christmas shopping budget. For those who enjoy gardening and bird watching, consider an attractive set of gardening gloves or a display-worthy container for storing bird seed.

By giving gifts which show one’s appreciation for a friend or relative’s personal interests, one demonstrates a commitment to the recipient’s happiness that a more expensive yet impersonal gift cannot.

Another simple way to personalise a Christmas gift is to have it monogrammed. Since monogramming has come back into fashion in recent years, it is easier than ever to give gifts that are equally attractive and useful. Everything from robes and bath towels to luggage and laptop computer cases can be personalised and instantly made into useful gifts into which you clearly put some thought and planning!

The Home and Gift Shop has been a treasure trove of Christmas gift ideas and other personalised gifts for over 15 years. With our reasonably-priced items and flat-rate shipping of £5.50 for the UK mainland and Channel Islands, we make it easy to shop online without spending an inordinate amount on Christmas gifts.

Take advantage of all that we have to offer today by calling 0844 573 1656 or by visiting the Home and Gift Shop website to find the perfect Christmas gift.

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